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Cindy Barry, CEO

Honey Beez Home Health, LLC was founded by Cindy Barry as a labor of love. Cindy began her professional career as a caregiver over 20 years ago as a Patient Care Assistant. In the late 1990s when her husband was stationed overseas in the military, Cindy discovered her caring and compassionate nature were ideal components to offer gentle, nurturing childcare to families in Europe. For several years, she provided safe, loving care for children and reliable, trustworthy support for their parents.

In 2007, with her recent certification as Nursing Assistant, Cindy “fell in love” with her new role caring for seniors. She began this work under the mentoring and guidance of Nena Abernathy, a local caregiver known for her sincere and genuine manner with elderly home care patients. Nena and Cindy became close friends and worked together for several years providing dedicated, compassionate assistance to seniors and their families in Williamsburg. Years later, tragedy struck and Nena was killed in a car accident just days before Christmas. As a channel for her grief, and to ensure a positive outcome from such tragedy, Cindy devoted herself to continue Nena's work and make a difference in the elderly community. Cindy enjoys working with people of all ages and especially delights in the wisdom, knowledge and character of the older people that she meets. She values and enjoys all that she learns from her clients and is passionate about the gentle, loving care she offers.

A self-proclaimed “God-fearing woman,” Cindy has committed her life to giving to others, acknowledging that “God is watching over us and it is a blessing to be able to make a difference in other's lives, no matter how much time we have here on Earth.”


Patricia Clements

As an Army veteran and with over 25 years in the field of business, marketing, quality assurance, and management, Ms. Clements is a welcome addition to our team. She is passionate about the quality of care for the clients and promotes health & safety in the work environment.


Our reputation depends on how we earn our customers’ trust and faith. We conduct thorough background checks on all of our team members. Furthermore, all of our staff are extensively trained and screened with the utmost scrutiny, but not just for their professional skill and proficiency. We assess all applicants for their personal manner, understanding, patience, sincerity and dedication to helping others. We choose only those candidates that reflect the values of our company to ensure not only that we are offering the best possible care to our clients, but to reinforce our policy of providing a positive impact on the lives of ALL with whom we are blessed to work.

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